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The Introvert Online Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

What would happen to your Facebook groups and pages if your personal account was temporarily or permanently restricted?

That’s the topic we’ll discuss in this episode, including the very simple steps you can take right now to protect your Facebook assets and be prepared for this (probably unlikely) eventuality.

Sep 7, 2020

How different your life and business could be if you stopped assuming that the negative outcome is most likely to be the truth?

After all, for every negative outcome, there is an alternative outcome that is positive for you.

Your prospect queries the price you’ve just quoted them. You assume it is because they think...

Aug 31, 2020

When what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s easy to think ‘doing’ more is the solution.

That’s not the case. Let’s take a canoe, for example.

If your canoe is on a grassy riverbank, you could break your oars and dislocate your shoulder trying to ‘do’ more rowing. 

Despite all your efforts, you’ll get...

Aug 24, 2020

Many introverts start free Facebook groups because they have been taught that having your own free Facebook group is the best way to build and nurture an audience of eager buyers-to-be.

For the first few weeks, you’re enjoying the buzz, inspired with ideas of what to post. It’s all fun and people are joining and...

Aug 17, 2020

How often do you notice the great things YOU are doing in your business?

When was the last time you acknowledged AND rewarded yourself for what the income you generate in your business contributes to your lifestyle?

In this episode, I talk about anchor gifts; what they are, and why it matters that you reward yourself...